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Let me tell you a bit about my background and who I am, then you can see why trusting your business and reputation to me makes sense. 

For more then 15 years, I was the owner and Creative Director of an award winning event planning firm. Prior to starting my event company, I was the Director of Marketing & Sales for a large entertainment company & even before that I was a Director of Marketing for a diamond broker who specialized in engagement rings!   You could say my heart has always been involved in celebrating!  

On the personal side, I  have two wonderful kids and supportive (super fun) husband that I meant at a wedding!? He was actually the DJ!  (I didn't make a habit of dating my vendors. He was the first and last!)


As my event company & my family  grew, I realized I needed more focus.  The  tasks I enjoyed the most were managing project details, executing marketing tasks, and crushing sales goals through customer service & brand management. These are all important aspects of running a profitable event company, however they  are not tasks that every entrepreneur has time to do effectively. 

Wether you are a photographer, entertainment company, or other creative vendor, having the foundations of your business managed by a season & proven pro, means you can focus on your craft while providing the best services for people as they celebrate their important moments in life. 

The truth is that in a service based industry like events & hospitality , clients want it all. They want organization, timely communication AND your service. Having an assistant allows you to be everything and more to your customer without the hassles associated with a full or even part time employee. 


  • VAs typically cost you 50% less then an employee completing the same tasks

  • BTVCo is a contractor, no tax headaches.

  • VAs once established, can save you time. Time to work on the things that actually need you.

  • VAs need time to create trust. It's not a magic fix, but it is a life saver.

  • BTVCo provides the assistance you need, when you need it, in the amount you need. Take a look at our service options.

  • BTVCo has 15 years in the event industry, 7 additional years in corporate management, that knowledge and experience is available to you!

  • VAs can become the invaluable source you need to stay ahead of the competition.

I always prefer a face to face call to get to know you (Facetime or Zoom). You can reach me at the contact form below, or for immediate assistance use the Chat Window at the bottom of your screen. I am here to help!



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